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System Tune-Up
System Tune-Up

What to expect:

  • After you purchase the service a technician will call to schedule it at your most convenient time, preferably some time when you don't need the computer.
  • On the scheduled day, a technician will call you within 1 hour of the preferred scheduled time to make sure you are available, discuss the issues you have been experiencing and have you assist with establishing a remote connection.
  • When we establish the remote connection, the technician will be able to see your computer and control the mouse and keyboard. Our connection tool gives you the power to disconnect us at anytime you want if so desired.
  • After we have connected, you can then get off the phone with us and we will work on the issue. You can use this time to watch us do the work on the computer if you would like or you can do one of the many things that people don't have time for, such as read a book or watch some TV.
  • We will then call you back and verify with you that everything is working up to your satisfaction and then disconnect from the computer. Once disconnected, we will not be able to get back onto your computer until you let us in again.
Our Price: $49.95


Just as with any other machine, a regular check up will improve your computer’s performance and reliability.

What's Included?

  • System Optimizations
  • Security System Check
  • Important System Updates
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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